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  • Drywall Plastering, Ornamental Plastering
  • Paperhanging, Wallpaper Removal
  • Custom Carpentry & Cabinetry
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  • Exterior Painting
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  • Wallpaper
  • Repair
  • Restoration Plaster Repair and Drywall
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We also specialize in painting churches. Ask us for a list of the local churches we have painted. Please call for an estimate at no cost or obligation.

Serving The Metro Area Since 1970 Alexandria, Arlington, Virginia, Capitol Hill and Northwest Washington Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Maryland

It has been a year since Rich Winkler passed away after a brief illness. For many years, Rich and his wife Cristina worked together to deliver quality painting services to their clients.

After his passing, Cristina had doubts if she could run the business without Rich. Thankfully, she had the support of their long-time staff of painters and estimators. After 34 years, Cristina and the team knew many clients and often were referred to family and friends. It is said the best form of advertising is 'word of mouth'. The Winkler reputation depends on each and every member of the team.

This year has passed quickly, and with the pandemic, it was more challenging than anyone could imagine. However, Cristina excelled at continuing the business with Rich's passion and quality to commitment. Almost daily, Cristina thinks, "How would Rich have done that?"

Cristina and Rich Photo 2

Cristina and Rich Winkler
Winkler Painting Owners

If you ask Rich why he decided to have his company specialize in top quality work, as opposed to doing inexpensive and lower quality work, Rich will explain that he is a perfectionist. If you use a company that does lesser quality work and uses lower quality paint, you may need to have a repaint job in two or three years. Rich says to expect his high quality paintwork to last six or seven or eight years.

Winkler is proud of the expert wallpaper hanger and the expert carpenter he provides when necessary.


Rich Winkler is happy to provide a free estimate with no obligation. Winkler requires progress payments along the way, with the balance due upon completion.

Power Washing

The old paint surface must first be power washed to remove dirt, mildew and algae. This will help insure that the new paint will stick.

A proper paint job requires that the old paint be scraped and sanded where needed. Anywhere there are paint problems the Winkler painter must scrape and sand down the surface as close as possible to the bare wood.

A Winkler paint job is an investment in your property. Rich explains that once you have your surfaces scraped and sanded down, you will probably not have to do it again in your lifetime.

Best Quality Paint

Winkler Painting uses the highest quality paints including Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert and C2. The Winkler slogan is “Highest Quality Workmanship, Dedication to Satisfaction.”

Winkler works closely with electricians, plumbers, faux finish experts, plasterers, drywall repairers, gutter repairers and cabinet makers. Richard Winkler can refer you to the experts that he trusts and works with.

The key to achieving a high quality, long lasting paint job, both on interior and exterior work, is in the preparation. Winkler Painting exerts the greatest effort in restoration: scraping, heavy and fine sanding, repair of imperfections in plaster and drywall, removal of heavy paint buildup from problem areas (such buildup often causes alligator scaling and peeling), restoration of window glazing and caulking.

If you are interested in high quality workmanship with attention to preparation and detail, please call Richard Winkler directly for an estimate on your painting and decorating needs. You will find him and his skilled crews to be very courteous and reliable craftsmen to work with.

Rich Winkler has been a painting contractor since 1971 and has many happy customers all around the Washington DC area, including Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Falls Church, and Great Falls.

Client Testimonials

Rich: Edwin and his crew did a great job! It is always a pleasure to do business with you. Best regards."

-- Gene & Laura, August 1, 2019

"Richard T. Winkler Inc. has just finished painting two houses that I own in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. The first being my rental property on Wolfe Street in Old Town and the second, my personal residence on South View Terrace. In both painting projects Winkler’s work quality is impressive. Winkler employs a quality team of professional painters. Winkler’s team spent at least twice as much time in preparing the siding of our houses for painting as compared to any previous painters we have had and they did a few little extras such as touching up the shutters at the rental property. We have had several neighbors comment on what a great job our painters did. The end result is beautiful houses that we are proud of.

All of our interactions with Winkler during the painting process, from quote, scheduling, painting and payment were excellent. Winkler has a calm, professional, low key, polite manner of interaction and for handling all questions and concerns. For both houses, Winkler’s final price came in below the original estimates. These have truly been the best house painting projects we have ever experienced. "

-- Keith • Alexandria, VA 22314 September 5th, 2014

"We wanted to let you know what a lovely job Armando & his brother did for us. The house looks beautiful! You have such a wonderful staff. The guys are always so kind & professional and always keep everything so neat & tidy. They really went above and beyond for us and were even shoveling our driveway on those snowy days! Thank you so much! I will plan to send the amount on the contract. Let me know if we owe any more."

-- Dawn & Steve, February 2014

"I am writing to thank you and your wonderful crew for the meticulous, on-time and on-budget work you all did on our house. Painting and restoring an historic house is always full of surprises requiring high levels of professional care and knowledge. You and your team helped me recognize needs I had not anticipated and solved problems we did not expect, all within the cost and time frame we had discussed. I now rely on you as experts I can trust. Thank you for a job well done, and a relationship I will value through the years." -- Mari Will, March 2012 • Washington, DC

"Rich Winkler's work is truly exceptional. Four years ago his crew restored the interior of my 135 year old home by stripping over 50 years of paint and hand sanding. It still looks as good today as it did four years ago. In the summer of 2008, Rich's crew restored the exterior of my historic home by stripping years of paint, hand sanding, and replacing the wood in numerous places. I had absolutely no damage to the exterior of my home after the historic snow fall of the winter of 2009/2010 and I attribute that to the extraordinary exterior restoration of Rich and his crew. I cannot recommend Rich Winkler high enough."

-- April S. 2010 • South Fairfax Street, Old Town Alexandria VA

"After living in our home for nineteen years, my wife and I finally had the interior of our home painted by Richard T. Winkler, Inc. Necessary as the painting was, this was something we had been facing with some dread. While preparing for and living through a major paint job is perhaps not the most pleasant experience on the planet, I can’t imagine how we could be any happier with the job itself.

In preparation, we were guided by you to consult with a color specialist who proved invaluable and helped us immeasurably in guiding our choices, with particular recommendation about things that would not have occurred to us – such as considering how the colors in adjacent rooms worked together, and suggesting lightening the colors of angled walls alongside dormer windows.

The team of painters, led by Amilchar, are not only the hardest-working craftsmen I’ve ever encountered, they are true artists and artisans. In preparing rooms they have been meticulous in moving and protecting furniture, and carefully covering and taping cabinets, doors, closets, and stairwells to keep all spaces not being worked on as clean and dust-free as is humanly possible. Repeatedly, we have come upon them while they’re sanding moldings, patching and re-plastering old cracks and imperfections, scraping away old paint from various metal fixtures and hardware. Things are continually brought to our attention that we had not considered; the decisions are always ours, but if asked they have clear and logical recommendations and suggestions. Amazingly, when a room is completed, it is cleaner than it has ever been, as they dust and clean furniture before returning it to its original spot – how they remember so exactly where everything is to be returned, I’ll never know (including stuffed animals on top of a bedspread).

The painting itself is of the finest quality – everything primed, multiple coats applied, no streaking, perfectly even, beautifully finished. I simply cannot recommend your firm or the work you do any higher. You have given us a new home!"

-- Mark H., 2009 • Washington DC